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Oregon is literally a natural attraction for RV’s. The RV Owner is the ultimate outdoor enthusiast and the Natural Resources of Oregon are unparalleled anywhere in the country. Oregon actually has an example of every kind of terrain on the planet within its borders and RV Owners flock to these destinations.

RV’s are owned by nearly one in ten American households and they are generally more affluent than the average. RV’ing is a traditional family activity enjoyed together across multiple generations. Typical RV Owners are also influential and traditionally the leadership of their particular passions or industry. RV Owners are the most active and influential members of every recreational demographic. RV Owners are committed to spending significant amounts of their discretionary income on the pursuit of their hobbies and passions. Many RV Owners commit to a monthly payment simply to maximize their enjoyment of all things outdoors.

They are “professional tourists” or leaders in the hobbies or interests of their choosing and RVing is how they facilitate their dreams. RV’s can be found at every kind of recreational pursuit, including OHV and auto racing of all types, entertainment, square dacing, equestrian events such as rodeos and trials, dog shows, cycling, hunting, fishing, and athletics football tailgating and even running, rural agri-tourism and of course camping.

At one time the RV Industry was the largest employer in Lane County and one of the top five in Oregon. Yet despite billions of dollars in economic benefit to the state of Oregon, the Economic Impact of the RV Industry has never been quantified in specific terms. The RV Industry not only impacts manufacturing, but dealers and service centers contribute jobs as well as RV Parks and the benefits of their tourism are usually only considered within the context of the general population. The Economic Impact of this industry is poorly understood despite its contributions to a variety of industries.

Economic impact studies exist for nearly every other industry including some of the most modest and narrow special interests. One thing for sure is that wherever you travel and whatever you do for fun or profit an RV owner will be there. While the Economic Impact of the RV Industry on all other communities is obvious to us, since these impacts have never been definitively identified the RV Industry has therefore never been fully accepted or adopted. When we quantify these benefits the RV Industry will be immediately attended to as the economic and job creation engine that it actually is here in Oregon!!!