Premier RV of Oregon moves past fire

by Wendy on November 15, 2017


A serious fire at Premier RV Services in Junction City, Ore., the morning of Nov. 6 that caused an estimated $8 million in damage was contained by multiple fire departments on the scene that day to a single 65,000 square-foot storage facility – a fact about which former co-founders Louie Courtemanche and Gary Obermire, both former Country Coach Inc. managers, are quite grateful today.  

“The positive thing, if there is any, is that this was limited to our storage facility,” Courtemanche told “Our service facility and showroom and other structures were not involved in the fire. So, all of our employees are still at work and we are taking care of our customers.”

“The one thing I would like to do is to publicly thank all our fire departments that came out and did what they did to make sure we didn’t lose the entire business,” added Obermire. “I think there were six fire companies that came to help us. They worked their tails off to keep this thing under control so that it only burned the one building. We thank them so much.”


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