Economic Impact Study Examples

RV Industry Economic Impact Study

Oregon Travel Impacts 1991-2013p

by Dean Ruyan Associates

Portland Meadows, County Fair Meets and the Horse Racing Industry in Oregon (Impacts on Rural and Urban Economies in 2010)
by ECONorthwest

The Economic Significance of Bicycle-Related Travel in Oregon
by Dean Ruyan Associates

2009 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Bend, Oregon
by Kreg Lindberg, Ph.D. – Central Oregon Research Services

The Economic Impact of the University of Oregon Athletic Department – FY2011-12
by Timothy A. Duy, Ph.D. – Director, Oregon Economic Forum

Economic Impacts of Recreation Activities at Oregon Coastal and River Ports
by Dr. Wen-Huei Chang & R. Scott Jackson – U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Economic Impacts of Shellfish Aquaculture in Washington, Oregon & California
by Northern Economics, Inc

Oregon Skier Profile and Economic Impact Analysis
by Community Planning Work (A Program of the Community Service Center at the University of Oregon); ECONorthwest

The Economic Impacts of Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recreation in Oregon
by Kreg Lindberg – Oregon State University – Cascades Campus

Spending and Economic Activity from Recreation at Oregon State Park Units—Coastal Region and Milo McIver State Park, an update
by Eric M. White, Darren Goodding, and Randall S. Rosenberger – Oregon State University

The Economic Impact of the Wine and Wine Grape Industries on the Oregon Economy
by Full Glass Research

Oregon’s Electric Vehicle Industry
by Northwest Economic Research Center – Portland State University|

Arts, Culture, and Oregon’s Economy
(An Analysis of the Economic Contributions and Fiscal Impacts of The Oregon Cultural Trust and its Eligible Cultural Nonprofits)
by ECONorthwest

The Oregon Golf Economy
by SRI International