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by Wendy on January 4, 2013

In the fall of 2008, Shaun Davis of Davis Cabinets joked that they were nicely diversified between the stalling housing market and the failing RV industry. However, they have more than survived the last four years, focusing on quality of products and service. Davis Cabinets has continued their unique niche as a supplier to the aftermarket RV industry and a custom cabinet maker to the residential and commercial construction industry.

Davis Cabinets was founded in 1973 by Shaun’s father, Rick Davis. They opened their doors as a custom cabinet shop building cabinets for homes. As the RV industry grew around them, they eventually became a supplier to the local RV manufacturers. In time, the coach owners would ask for modifications or customizations to be done to their rigs and Davis Cabinets was there to help them.

Today, Davis Cabinets has become the country’s premier RV aftermarket supplier. Davis Cabinets is a dealer of MCD American Duo shades, a product proudly made in America and leading the industry. Davis Cabinets is absolutely the place to go for TV retrofits, integrating the best of today’s TV technology.

We specialize in custom computer desks, dinette/pantry storage solutions, folding coffee tables, and anything else to make your motor coach a motor home. Customers know they can trust us to add beautiful woodworking and elegant installation they expect in their RVs.

When Country Coach started making class A RVs, they hired Davis Cabinets to help them set up a cabinet shop. When Monaco did the same, they hired Davis Cabinets to build their cabinets. Eventually Safari opened their doors and used Davis Cabinets as their main supplier for cabinets.

“Our OEM presence in the industry really propelled us to being the shop we are today”, says Shaun Davis. “We always wondered just how many RV’s they could make before the market would be flooded and it was a lot more than we could have ever imagined.”

As the industry grew and evolved, Davis Cabinets found itself most comfortable and successful working on the aftermarket side supplying the customers as well as the local dealers, manufacturers and service centers. When a customer would buy a coach and wanted changes Davis Cabinets could help both the dealer and salesperson by modifying a coach on the lot to meet the specific needs of that customer. When a coach comes to town for service and the customer wants upgrades, Davis Cabinets supports the service center by being their cabinet shop and doing the cabinet upgrade. “Over time, we created our own following of customers and they would seek us out for the work we do.”

Davis Cabinets is very proud to say that many of their designs showed up in the subsequent model years of coaches and the evolution of their designs are still the cornerstone of many coaches today.

“Our design process has always been very collaborative. Our customers are very successful people and we love the input they bring. We listen to their wants and use our experience to help create a solution that will honor their needs and reflect the quality of their RV.” Shaun added. “We help make your motor coach a motor home.”

And they haven’t sat waiting for the phone to ring.

“We have been going to RV shows across the country for well over a decade. As the aftermarket segment of our business grew, we recognized that we had to go after it.” Shaun has traveled to all corners of the country marketing his products and serving his customers. From Florida to New York to Ohio to Alabama and all throughout the west, the crew at Davis Cabinets has logged a lot of miles.

“We regularly do more than 100 projects outside of the state every year.” This last winter was no exception, having spent the majority of it marketing to customers in RV parks between California and Arizona. Now those customers are coming to town to do more projects.

Davis Cabinets joined the newly founded Oregon RV Alliance and is very excited about the direction it is taking,

“We are very proud of the local aftermarket RV community that has existed for the last few decades and are hopeful to Oregon RV Alliance can help bring cohesiveness to our niche industry.”

For years Davis Cabinets and other businesses have happily shared customers, sending them to the local specialist in the area.

“We feel the industry was created by a community working together to best serve our customer base. We hope the Oregon RV Alliance helps our RV community continue to work together.”

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