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by Wendy on March 21, 2013

Rooted by humble beginnings in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Countryside Interiors has emerged as the premier upholstery design shop on the West Coast.

In 1981 the Skiller family business started in a garage shop in Junction City, Oregon, upholstering automotive seats and residential furniture. Since then, the qualities of honesty, craftsmanship and pride in American-made products has propelled Countryside to the pinnacle status of RV interior service and products.

Countryside Interiors has evolved over the past 31 years from its original garage to its current location centered in the heart of historic Junction City. Steven and his mother began refurbishing RV interiors for a local dealer in 1984, which started their RV careers.

Gaining a strong foothold in the RV industry after upholstering dashboards for Monaco in 1987, Monaco service center began sending owners to Countryside for flooring and reupholstery. As the number of RV owners increased so did Countryside’s line of services and products, including window shades, cab seat electrical, flooring, upholstery and becoming Oregon’s first RV Furniture Store!

Today you’ll also meet Joshua, Stevens’s son, who has worked at the family business since he was a young child and still works alongside his father reupholstering, consulting sales and performing installations.

“We truly take each project to heart and have astounding pride in the American made products we carry and the talented upholstery work we carry out,” said Joshua. “There’s nothing better than working with customers, businesses and fellow employees that truly love what they do and how they affect our community abroad.”

Given the fluid change in style and new products over time, Countryside has incorporated work with other businesses to create a “one stop shop”. By working with businesses such as Davis Cabinets, Innovative Coach Design, and Guaranty Motors along with many others, Countryside Interiors has managed to become a part of this large RV business network and is one of the founding members of the Oregon RV Alliance.

Working from its 7500 sq. ft. facility, Countryside stocks over 500 aftermarket furniture pieces including sofas, recliners, dining tables, chairs and more. Same day installation allows customers to continue on their journey while flooring installations can be performed within 2-3 weeks. Whether it’s flooring, refoaming, furniture or window/windshield shades, all samples and options are displayed to try out and view.


Countryside Interiors – interior before


Countryside Interiors – interior after

The values that have been instilled within the Skiller family throughout the generations are the same values Countryside Interiors upholds today. Whether it’s sales, consultation or fabrication, Countryside Interiors and its employees maintain the highest level of integrity. This is a “must see” on your travels through Oregon.

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