Slide-Outs: Benefits – Proper Care – Storage

by Wendy on October 25, 2016

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RV Slide Outs – we love them! Whether you call them “slides” or “slide outs”, they can make all the difference in RV livability. Today’s slide outs are remarkably easy to use and have become fundamental to modern RV design.

Extra living space might not matter so much if you use your RV only for summer camping. But if you spend a lot of time in your RV, or if you use your RV in situations when you need every inch of space, then a slide out can be crucial.


Here’s just a few of the considerations you’ll need to keep in mind about slide outs.

All That Extra Space, and Some Cool Amenities, Too

Okay, so maybe this is a no-brainer because the benefits are obvious, right? Slide outs give you extra living, storage and relaxing space in your RV. A well-planned bedroom slide out, for example, gives you space for a king bed as well as extra room for closets or drawers. A slide out in the kitchen can make room for a larger refrigerator, a full oven and more counter space. Folks who live the RV lifestyle regularly, well-built slide outs in the right places can transform an ordinary RV into a fantastic RV.

Purchasing an RV: Should You Get a Slide Out or Not?

RVs with slide outs cost a little more than those without, so it’s important to consider if your RV lifestyle is worth the extra cost. Getting that extra space and amenities might be the very thing that makes you want to head out camping more often. So spend some time really thinking about your individual needs. If you tend to stay put in one place for a while, then slide outs can make your life much more comfortable. If you love the road-tripping life, you may find the daily fussing with slide outs to be tiresome.

Some older campgrounds were built before slide outs were common, and that might be a problem because some RVs – especially travel trailers and fifth wheels – are pretty much impossible to use with the slide outs in.


Slide Outs Require Maintenance – There’s No Getting Around It

There are two types of slide out drive systems: electric and hydraulic. They each have areas of vulnerability. Smaller slide outs tend to be moved by electric motors. Large, heavy slide outs are generally run on hydraulic systems.

Your slide outs also experience the constant bounce of traveling, exposure to the weather and all the other aspects that go hand in hand with RVing. This can result in leakage, and we all know that water damage in an RV is best avoided at all costs.

Slide Out Maintenance: The ABCs of Good Care

Our service department sees the results of neglected slide out seals all the time. Whether your slide out is extended or pulled in, those rubber seals are what stand between the weather and your beautiful RV, so it’s crucial that you maintain that watertight seal. You must regularly inspect both the top and side seals of your slide out at least twice a year.

When it comes time to park your RV between trips or for the winter, store your slide outs closed. This will help keep the elements from eroding the seals, and you won’t run the risk of snow or debris accumulating on the slide out roof. Coating your seals before storage can also help you avoid cracked seals due to freezing temperatures.


Slide outs can make your RVing experience all the better in terms of comfort, livability and overall enjoyment. With regular checkups and care, they will serve you well for years to come. If you’d like to know more about different kinds of slide outs and how they can improve your overall RVing experience, give us a call or come on over to Junction City. We’ll be glad to show you the variety of options that are on the highways today.


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