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by Wendy on April 2, 2015

by Mary Findley of Mary Moppins

Questions! Oh, how they come to life during my seminar presentations. Let’s cover the more troublesome problems that are as irritating as an unrelenting itch on the bottom of the foot.

Q: “Mary I have water spots on my stainless steel dishwasher and grime on my refrigerator. How do I remove them?”

A: Stainless steel has a grain just like wood. Always wipe in the direction of the grain to remove grime from within the grooves. Start at the bottom of one side of the refrigerator spraying to the top with Mary.

Moppins CleanEz, a concentrated organic cleaner. Wait a bit to give CleanEz time to dissolve grime and fingerprints. Then fold a terry towel in fourths so it lays flat. Add a bit of elbow grease and clean in the direction of the grain starting at the bottom.

Remove water spots on stainless steel by bringing half a cup of distilled white vinegar, made from grain, to a boil in the microwave. Place a terry towel on the floor to catch drips, then put on a pair of rubber gloves. Saturate a dish cloth with the hot vinegar and wipe over the water spots. Keep the spots damp for 30 minutes then scrub with a stainless steel cleaner like Cameo or baking soda. Rinse and repeat if needed.

Note: Never use metal polishes made for car wheels on residential stainless steel.

Q: “My black-faced appliances always streak. Help!”

A: I’m as guilty as anyone about grabbing the dishcloth after doing dishes to wipe down black-faced appliances or the counters. Use a separate cloth, as any grease or grime on a dishcloth will streak black-faced appliances and counter tops.

Next grab a bottle of Mary Moppins’ concentrated, streak-free window cleaner Benya. Benya removes the grime from these surfaces without streaking. It leaves windows and windshields so clear the glass disappears.

Proper cleaning of towels also prevents streaks. Start with an organic laundry detergent. Bio- Kleen is my favorite, as it does not contain toxic phosphorus that leaves a residue.

Never fill your washer more than three-quarters full. Clothing and towels must agitate among themselves in order to come clean. A full washer prevents this agitation and leaves an odor and grime on towels.

Try to avoid fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as both guarantee streaks.

Substitute grain-based distilled white vinegar in the rinse water to remove any soap residue that can smear windows or glass faced appliances.

Remove dried-on food by soaking the spot with a dab of liquid dish soap and hot water. Wait five to ten minutes and wipe. Repeat if needed.

Q: My ceiling is carpeted. Grey streaks run across the ceiling and a brown spot has appeared in the bathroom. Do you have solutions?

A: Fortunately there are easy solutions. First up, cover any areas below the stains with plastic to protect furniture and flooring. Next, test a small spot to make certain the stain won’t spread.

Tackle the grey streaks with foaming shaving cream. Foaming shaving cream contains both rubbing and denatured alcohol, which usually removes these stains. Spray a bit on the fingertips and gently blot it on the grey areas. Let that set 15 to 20 minutes then blot with a cloth dampened in a 50/50 solution of distilled white vinegar to water. This works just as effectively on grey areas around fans and vents.

Never rub carpeted ceilings as it leaves fuzzy spots. Instead, poke two knuckles into the dampened cloth and twist your wrist clockwise. Keep moving the cloth to prevent re-contamination. This removes the stain without the fuzzy spots.

Water leaks cause most brown spots on carpeted ceilings. Purchase a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Mix a very, very thin paste of the two and gently dab on the spot. Wait 30 minutes then spray with peroxide. Let that set for an hour. If any stain remains, re-spray with the peroxide. When it dries, gently vacuum off the baking soda, being careful not to disturb the carpet pile.

Caution: Never use an all-purpose cleaner or any other cleaning agent on cloth ceilings. The degreasing agent in the cleaner softens the adhesive that binds the carpet to the ceiling. The carpet will pull loose.

 Mary Findley is owner of Mary Moppins, a line of cleaning tools, waxes and eco-friendly cleaners recommended by RV manufacturers such as Tiffin and Newmar. She is author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Cleaning” and a cleaning consultant to the RV industry. Mary Moppins Co is for sale.

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