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by Wendy on November 16, 2016

courtesy of Redmond Chamber of Commerce & CVB

Enjoy the Sun in Redmondredmond-sisters-blog

“Energizing” is the best way to describe the effect of an outdoor experience in Redmond. Whether you are jogging down a river path, hiking at Smith Rock or walking in the canyon, letting the outdoors work their magic on you is what the outdoors are all about.

The high desert scenic beauty will work wonders on your overall well-being as well, melting away cares and opening your eyes to things seldom seen in a fast-paced world. Your appreciation of life will take on new meaning as you listen to the sounds of the river, or hear the cry of an osprey floating overhead.

Let the earthy aromas of the desert fill your senses with pine, sage, juniper and clean mountain air. To experience the outdoors in Redmond is to experience life at its fullest.

And don’t let age or mobility stop you. Many of our lakes and trails are ADA accessible. The great outdoors can and should be witnessed by all ages and abilities, from the hardcore enthusiast to even those approaching the century mark.

When was the last time your grandmother was in a canoe? Getting the smile off her face might be just as hard as getting her out of the canoe. In either case, it will be an experience you will not soon forget.redmond-kayak-blog

Recreation in Redmond is a 365-day, ever-changing experience. Whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall, there is something to do the whole year around in Redmond; and with of over 320 days of sunshine, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

So, has an outdoor experience piqued your interest, but does the logistics of arranging an outing seem a little daunting? You can find many programs hosted by the Redmond Area Parks and Recreation Department or through Central Oregon Community College. Central Oregon also has several local tour operators that can arrange everything and give you that epic experience.

There are no excuses allowed, so get out there and enjoy what nature has to offer. We’re sure you will find the experience to be truly energizing.

It’s All About Family

When was the last time you went on a “fun family outing”? In Redmond family comes first and fun family outings are the norm not the redmond-hiking-blogexception. The true abundance of activities is nearly endless and is as diverse as any family could possibly be.

Within minutes of Redmond you can be in extreme opposite environments, from a babbling stream in a lush wooded forest, to exploring a ghost town on the high desert plateau, or enjoying a leisurely afternoon sampling wine and cheese at a local winery, to hanging hundreds of feet off the ground on the side of a cliff.

If hanging off a cliff isn’t your idea of a good time, then how about trying one of the many high mountain lakes. Redmond is within minutes of some of the best flat water kayaking and canoeing lakes in Oregon. Rugged snow-capped mountains frame many of these Cascade lakes, creating an unmistakably alpine feel that is uniquely Oregon.

Rarely will you ever hear the words “I’m bored” in Central Oregon, there is simply too much to do and the only complaint that one might have is that there are just too few hours in a day to enjoy all the possibilities. The only thing that seems to suffer in Central Oregon are the household chores, because who wants to clean out the garage when you can be a part of “life” and experience one of the most scenic venues in the country?

Family really does come first here and your visit to Redmond will show you just how fun a family outing can be.

The Heart of Redmond

The heart of Redmond can be found in its charming downtown core and the buzz word here is “WOW”. The newly renovated downtown district is creating quite a stir in Central Oregon. Redmond’s Centennial Park created quite a splash when it opened summer of 2010 and the new seasonal ice rink that opened in the winter of 2011 is as equally “cool” with the kids of all ages. Come enjoy Redmond’s more than 320+ days of sunny blue skies, and check out the Wow factor in downtown Redmond.


Redmond’s iconic downtown “Welcome to Redmond” archway is a signature piece for Redmond’s revitalized downtown. Greeting all who come to Redmond, this 6th Street landmark, is flanked by flower planters, trees, tables with chairs is the ideal place to meet up with friends or to just people watch. You can’t help but feel the pulse of the community and what an ideal place to start your shopping experience. Redmond has a little of everything from contemporary boutiques, antiques, unique works of art by the hands of local artists and many other one-of-a-kind treasures.

Downtown Redmond is also home to many unique dining establishments that are popular with both residents and guests alike. You can find a little of everything from Central Oregon cuisine to ethnic and vegetarian. Redmond restaurants are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Explore the History

Exploring history is another popular activity and gives a unique perspective in a community’s heritage and culture.


For our history buffs out there, Redmond offers a “Heritage Walk” to uncover Redmond’s almost forgotten past. The Heritage Walk consists of 29 commercial and residential buildings constructed between 1910 and 1941. The primary tour loop covers 8 blocks of Redmond’s downtown core where each building proudly displays a plaque depicting its significance in Redmond history. You can find a copy of the “Heritage Walk” brochure at the Redmond Chamber of Commerce & CVB located 446 SW 7th Street.

Explore the Art

Redmond’s renaissance didn’t just begin and end with bricks and mortar but a greater appreciation for art and culture as well. Redmond’s foray into public art began with two very generous donations from Phil and Penny Knight (Nike’s founder) to the City of Redmond. Their contribution set in motion the creation of the Redmond Art Commission and Redmond Commission for Art in Public Places (RCAPP).


Today, Redmond has several permanent public art pieces and several revolving pieces through a unique program called Art Around the Clock. This outdoor gallery is designed to enhance the beauty and livability of the community and features a select showing of juried pieces on a rotating basis. These beautiful works of art are available for purchase to the public and the community.

For more information or to inquire about the purchase of art, please call 541-923-7763 or visit us at Redmond Commission for Art in Public Places

Explore the Wine

In December 2011, Central Oregon was officially recognized as a “wine region” by the Oregon Wine Board. There are now two licensed wineries and six vineyards in Central Oregon. Central Oregon’s sandy soil, warm summer days and cool nights can produce some award-winning grapes and wines.


Nestled in one of Central Oregon’s most picturesque locations is Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards. This awe-inspiring property is protected by its own micro climate in a scenic canyon which opens up to its namesake, the Three Sisters Mountains.

This remarkable location currently offers a beautiful 15-acre vineyard with four wines available in their on-site tasting room. This location is ideal for an enchanting wedding or event site featuring exquisitely landscaped grounds around water features and spectacular views of Smith Rock and the Three Sisters Mountains.

Central Oregon’s largest winery, Maragas Winery, continues to win awards, and was awarded six medals at the prestigious San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition in February 2012. Maragas submitted all of their current releases and they all medaled.

It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t long ago that many doubted the possibility of successfully producing good wines in Central Oregon, but Central Oregonians love a challenge. Come taste and see why Central Oregon wines have other regions taking notice.


For more information on Redmond, Oregon: Visit the Redmond Chamber of Commerce & CVB located 446 SW 7th St, Redmond or their website Download a copy of their visitor guide here

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