Living in an RV vs Living in a House

by Wendy on October 13, 2014

9 Reasons Why Living in an RV is Better Than Living in a House

by: Amanda Watson

The number of people living full or part-time in RVs is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

Many are retired or about to become retired. Others are part of the expanding group of working age folks who are embracing a location independent lifestyle.

Are you considering taking the leap from a traditional home to an RV? Do you dream of life on the open road, but are not quite sure if you’re ready to make the commitment?  If so, this article is for you.

To help you along, and hopefully tip the scales in favor of RV living, here are nine reasons why living in an RV is better than living in a house.



1. More Time Outside
Living in an RV encourages you to spend more time outside. In part because of the small interior space, but also because most campgrounds are great places to enjoy the outdoors.

Crank out the awning, set out your chairs, grill up some burgers, read a book, go for a hike, or gaze at the stars, all while enjoying the great outdoors.



2. No Lawn to Mow or Yard Work To Do
Ever feel like you spend all your free time mowing, weeding, and raking? No time to enjoy your yard because you spend so much time maintaining it?

Well guess what?

There’s none of that when you live in an RV! The workers at RV parks and campgrounds do all the yard work for you. It’s like having your very own gardener…for a fraction of the cost.



3. Follow The Weather (Or Run Away From It)
One of the greatest advantages to living in a home on wheels is the ability to go where you want, when you want.

This especially comes in handy when the weather turns bad.

If it’s too hot, too cold, too humid, too rainy, or too dry then all you have to do is pack up and drive somewhere else.



4. Clean a Lot Less
There is no denying that a smaller space is quicker to clean. Do you want to spend hours and hours vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing?

Or would you rather spend 30 minutes cleaning your RV and move on to more exciting activities?

Not only are RVs smaller and therefore easier to clean, but they also tend to be equipped with more drawers and cupboards to stow your stuff, helping to keep your small space neater.



5. If You Don’t Like Your Neighbors…Then Move
It’s a fact of life that you’re not going to like everyone you come across. As much as you may try to get along with everyone, some people are just downright impossible to get along with.

The beauty of living in an RV is that when (if) you come across these type of folks you can simply move to another spot.



6. A Million Dollar View for Less Than $20 Per Night
Have you always wanted a house with an ocean view but couldn’t swing it because it was too expensive, inconvenient, or far from work?

Or maybe you only want to live near the ocean part of the time, and high in the mountains the rest of the time?

Or maybe you want to spend one week with a view of the water, one week deep in the forest, and one week in the middle of a city.

Well by living in an RV you have just given yourself the chance to live virtually anywhere you want, with any view you can imagine. Freedom is huge part of RV living, and the freedom to pick your view, and change it as often as you like is an amazing thing.



7. Less Things, More Experiences
Minimalism is a necessary part of living in an RV. Without giant closets and extra rooms to store all that stuff you might need one day, you will be forced to adapt a minimalist lifestyle.

For most people it doesn’t take long to realize just how little stuff they actually need to live, and live well.

An incredible thing happens when you shed all that extra stuff. Inevitably you start to focus less on things and more on experiences, which leads to a happier, more fulfilled you!



8. Make New Friends
RVing tends to be a social lifestyle. It’s easy to meet people while walking the dog around the campground, or your chat with your neighbors around the campfire.

Often these casual meetings turn into long lasting friendships as people bond over the type of RV they own, or the activities they like to pursue.

RVing attracts all kinds of people, and living in an RV presents an unique opportunity to meet people who you may not normally come across while living in a fixed location.



9. It is so much Easier to visit your distant Relatives
In addition to making new friends, living in an RV makes it easy to visit distant friends and relatives.

While it can often be difficult and expensive to travel across the country to visit great Aunt Sally, in an RV it’s only a matter of pointing the wheels in the direction of her house and driving.

Besides, you’re always an excellent house guest who brings along your own kitchen, your own bathroom, and your own bed.


Amanda Watson is a full-time RVer with a love for writing, crafting good food, exploring nature, and discovering new places. Source:

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