Visitor Industry Celebration Award Nominee

"A Thorn Amongst Three Roses" at the 2011 Visitor Industry Celebration

“It is a amazing honor to be selected by Travel Lane County as one of three nominees for the 2012 Eugene, Cascades & Coast Partnership Award. Our thanks goes out to all who have supported the mission of the Oregon RV Alliance (ORVA) in its first year. Just imagine what great things year two has to offer.”
~ Brad Waring of the Oregon RV Alliance (ORVA).

As received Friday, April 13, 2012, from Cari L. Garrigus – Membership Manager for Travel Lane County.

To: Bradley Waring
Subject: Congratulations to our Visitor Industry Celebration Award Nominees

2012 Visitor Industry Celebration Annual Awards Dinner: Congratulations to each of our Nominees!

Mark your calendars for June 12, 2012 to attend our Visitor Industry Celebration Awards dinner to find out who the winner will be.

We appreciate all the work that each of you do, and are excited to celebrate with you. We will post this information on our website and will be sending it out to all of our members and the media soon. (We wanted you to know first)

The dinner will be held at the Ford Alumni Center.

Eugene, Cascades & Coast Hospitality Award – This award is presented to frontline staff or teams who provide exceptional customer service, enriching visitors’ experiences in the Eugene, Cascades and Coast region, extending their stays and encouraging return visits.


  • Jonnie Helfrich – A. Helfrich Outfitter
  • Quentin Ransone and Elizabeth Allcott at King Estate Winery
  • Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm

Eugene, Cascades & Coast Enrichment Awards – Presented to a member, community group or individual that has significantly enriched the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region’s tourism industry or visitor experience through program(s), visitor product(s), or community development.


  • Ninkasi Brewing Company
  • Cuthbert Amphitheater
  • Sea Lion Caves

Eugene, Cascades & Coast Appreciation Award – Presented to an individual or business who has made a significant contribution to Travel Lane County, the community and the Eugene, Cascades and Coast by giving freely of their time and/or talents.


  • Vernon Williams -Photographer
  • Stephanie Pearl Kimmel – Marche
  • Greg Lee – Photographer

Eugene, Cascades & Coast Partnership Award – Presented to a group, business or individual that has worked in partnership with other businesses and/or Travel Lane County to market Eugene, Cascades & Coast as a visitor destination.


  • Bike Friday
  • Oregon RV Alliance
  • University of Oregon Marketing & Brand Management

Eugene, Cascades & Coast Visitor Destination Award – Presented to a business or individual who, through their efforts, have excelled in promoting the community and the Eugene, Cascades & Coast as a visitor destination. Criteria: 1) Unique – Their very presence creates a reason the visitor visits our community; 2) Efforts and promotions have increased outside awareness and made our area more visible; 3) Growth and success benefits and enhances the image of the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region.


  • Scandinavian Festival
  • Oregon Asian Celebration
  • Track Town USA