Local Representative Contact Information

TRT 4 RV’s = Oregon Jobs

To contact your local representative regarding marketing to RVer’s and help create Oregon jobs:


Governor John Kitzhaber
Kitzhaber’s online contact page:  www.oregon.gov/Gov/Pages/contact.aspx
Governor Kitzhaber
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047
Phone: 503-378-4582 (Governor’s Citizens’ Representative Message Line)
Fax:  503-378-6827

Congressman Peter DeFazio
DeFazio’s online contact page:  forms.house.gov/defazio/IMA/contact.html

Eugene City Council
Mayor Kitty Piercy                    541-682-5010     Kitty.Piercy@ci.eugene.or.us
City Manager Jon Ruiz             541.682.5010     Jon.R.Ruiz@ci.eugene.or.us
Ward 1-George Brown               541-682-8341    George.R.Brown@ci.eugene.or.us
Ward 2-Betty Taylor                   541-338-9947    Betty.L.Taylor@ci.eugene.or.us
Ward 3-Alan Zelenka                  541-682-8343    Alan.Zelenka@ci.eugene.or.us
Ward 4-George Poling               541-517-3110    George.A.Poling@ci.eugene.or.us
Ward 5-Mike Clark                     541-682-8345    Mike.Clark@ci.eugene.or.us
Ward 6-Pat Farr                         541-682-8346    Pat.M.Farr@ci.eugene.or.us
Ward 7-Andrea Ortiz                  541-688-5588    Andrea.F.Ortiz@ci.eugene.or.us
Ward 8-Chris Pryor                    541-682-8348    Chris.E.Pryor@ci.eugene.or.us

Lane County Commissioners
District 1- Jay Bozievich – West Lane      541-682-3719     Jay.Bozievich@co.lane.or.us
District 2- Sid Leiken- Springfield           541-682-4203     Sid.Leiken@co.lane.or.us
District 3- Pete Sorenson – S. Eugene    541-682-3721     Pete.Sorenson@co.lane.or.us
District 4- Rob Handy – N. Eugene         541-682-4203     Rob.Handy@co.lane.or.us
District 5- Faye Stewart – East Lane        541-682-4203     Faye.Stewart@co.lane.or.us

Oregon Senators and Representatives
Senator Chris Edwards                          Sen.ChrisEdwards@state.or.us
Senator Betsy Johnson                         Sen.BetsyJohnson@state.or.us
Senator Bill Morrisette                           Sen.BillMorrisette@state.or.us
Senator Frank Morse                             Sen.FrankMorse@state.or.us
Senator Diane Rosenbaum                    Sen.DianeRosenbaum@state.or.us
Senator Doug Whitsett                  Sen.DougWhitsett@state.or.us

Representative Phil Barnhart            Rep.PhilBarnhart@state.or.us
Representative Vicki Berger               Rep.VickiBerger@state.or.us
Representative Katie Eyre Brewer           Rep.KatieEyreBrewer@state.or.us
Representative Ron Maurer                    Rep.RonMaurer@state.or.us
Representative Nancy Nathanson       Rep.NancyNathanson@state.or.us
Representative Jefferson Smith         Rep.JeffersonSmith@state.or.us