ORVA Board Notices

After the Board Meeting - April 12, 2012

April 19, 2012 – Letter from the Board President
Dear Fellow ORVA Members,

I wanted to send everyone a message of enthusiasm and excitement regarding ORVA’s progress and massive ongoing potential. I have spent some time over the last few weeks with Brad, our attorney and last week’s board meeting. I was very pleased with our results from last week’s board meeting. Thank you all for helping to make our first board meeting of the year productive and successful. The minutes and photo are attached. I would also like to remind everyone we will be holding our first annual membership meeting on May 10th at noon. The tentative location at this time is Domaine Meriwether Winery in Veneta. Denise Rossetti Vendley will confirm if this location will work.

Two weeks ago I was able to sit with Brad in the new ORVA office and personally witness the incredible progress of the organization. Simply seeing what was on Brad’s “To Do” list and how much of it had already been completed was very encouraging. So much progress has been made in developing new membership marketing pieces, fantastic website improvements, upcoming newsletters and so much more. If you have not visited the web site in a while you really should. The office itself is a tremendous asset in the efficiency of our efforts in growing ORVA but even a larger asset are the two permanent, part-time volunteers Brad has been able to recruit to further strengthen our team in the membership and administrative areas. Brad and staff have also been working feverously to bring us to a whole new level in the digital media world with Google Analytics and coming soon Constant Contact. There is so much positive hard work happening behind the scenes right now I felt all should know about.

Many new and important contacts have been made by Brad over the last several months. Many of these contacts are new large member potentials as well as important community figures and organizations, all of which serve to greatly contribute to our cause. It is this sort of effort which paved the road for ORVA to be nominated for Travel Lane County’s prestigious “Eugene, Cascades & Coast Partnership Award”. I believe this is a huge compliment to the success of ORVA in such a short period of time. Congratulations to all!!

I also had the opportunity to hold a personal meeting with ORVA’s attorney and Brad on April 5th. I was very pleased to see and hear that we are in great shape when it comes to fulfilling the legal and fiscal obligations of a non-profit organization. This was repeated once again for everyone attending last week’s board meeting.

One last piece of exciting news, the next Oregon RV Resource Guide is going to be open for ad space and content starting next week. Keep your eyes open for progressive notifications which will be forthcoming over the next four weeks.

Once again, thank you all for all the help and support in ORVA’s past and future success.


Jeff Howe


April 12, 2012 – ORVA Board Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Secretary Steve Rowland

Location: David Atkin, Attny, 590 West 13th Ave. Eugene, OR, 97440, 541.342.6336

Purpose: General
12 noon: Called to order by Pres. Jeff Howe
Voted to elect:
Steve Rowland as Secretary
DeeDee Pigeon as Treasurer
Unanimously elected


Informed by Atkin that we needed to file a 990 by May 15th; and needed to spend $50 to keep corporate name in good standing


Annual meeting to be held on the 2nd Thursday of May, May 10, at noon, at a place to be announced at least 2 weeks in advance by Secretary, who will be informed by staff.
Passed unanimously


At annual meeting, at least 8 members must attend (Waring said there are a possible 24); OR, that voting for officers must be done by 30% of membership; and that voting can be done by email absentee ballot or by real-time electronics such as Skype or speaker phone. Annual meeting and election of officers required once per year.


Atkin informed that we needed at least 4 board meetings per year; these meetings can be held by an Executive Committee and do not require the entire board.


Motion to have an executive meeting without the quorum of the entire board—this meeting to occur at the May 10th annual meeting.
Passed unanimously


*Motion to elect the Executive Committee: the following were nominated:
President (Jeff Howe), Vice President(Denise Rossetti Vendley), Treasurer (DeeDee Pigeon), Secretary (Steve Rowland)
Passed unanimously


Discussion of duties of Executive Committee:
Atkin said ALL of the board, whether on the Executive Committee or not, is to be committed to accomplish the stated and recorded goals of ORVA with integrity (not exact words).
The Executive Committee has the responsibility to go into ‘closed door’ session when situations of privacy require it.


Executive Director: to report on programs
Treasurer: to bring and explain P&L
President: to conduct meeting and monitor vision
Secretary: to record meeting


*Motion to establish the Executive Committee
Passed unanimously


*Motion to accept into record
Document Retention Policy
Passed unanimously


*Motion to accept into record
Whistle blower and Retaliation Policy
Passed unanimously


*Motion to accept into record
Conflict of Interest Policy
Passed unanimously


After the above motions the documents were placed in the “ORVA Policy “ 3-ring binder by the Secretary.


*Motion to accept the following as board meeting dates:
The 2nd Thursday of the second month of each quarter, at 12 noon, unless announced at least two weeks in advance to be otherwise—May 10, 2012; August 9, 2012; November 8, 2012:
Passed unanimously


*Motion to adjourn by President Howe at approx. 1:15pm
Passed unanimously