Bio – John Bradfeldt

john-bradfeldt_headshot John Bradfeldt
Oregon RV Alliance
Executive Director


During the last several months the RV industry has experienced a substantial uptick in manufacturing fed by a great retail sales environment. All the dealers I have talked with are having a great season while RV parks and campgrounds are full.

Now that it’s mid-August with several months to go before things start to slow down, and I can’t help but think about football season. Football is the ultimate team sport, and that brings to mind how all of our patrons, partners, and team members have made the Oregon RV Alliance a success. The Resource Guide continues to expand and we are scheduled to print 30 percent more copies this year. The first printing happened just three seasons ago, and now we are distributed in over 100 first-class RV parks, destinations, and service locations. This success could not be possible without our team – and I mean all of us – supporting these efforts.

As we move through 2015, new products are being produced and new companies are becoming involved with the Oregon RV Alliance. Our economic impact study is moving forward and will benefit all of us in the future.

Thanks to everyone who supports our efforts to keep Oregon the RV-Friendly State. Let’s continue to make touchdowns!


APRIL 2015
First of all, let me thank everyone that has supported the Oregon RV Alliance through the past several years.

I first became involved with RV Alliance in 2011. This was just after the recession had taken its toll on the RV industry. Brad Warning’s vision to bring the RV Industry and its people together was an honorable one. That vision has proven to be very successful and important to all of us in the RV industry.

As we feel the uptick in the RV industry, we should not lose sight of our successes, that through collaborative effort to promote our companies together we will be stronger.

The Oregon RV Alliance is changing also, with the expanded content and distribution of its Oregon RV Resource Guide. This expansion will help all companies involved reach more of the people that matter to us, our customers.

Also we are working towards being a voice to the state and local governments to help promote and sustain the RV industry in Oregon.

I am proud to be involved in these efforts to help bring back and continue building the RV industry in Oregon. Oregon, after all, is the RV Friendly State.

Again, thank you to everyone that has supported the Oregon RV Alliance. We look forward to a very bright and prosperous future.



Oregon Connection: I have lived in Oregon since 1959. My wife, Jan, and I have lived in Pleasant Hill since 1981.

Local Roots: I have two sons who also reside in the Willamette Valley. I am a proud grandfather of a 2 1/2 year old granddaughter, Grace, and 6 month old grandson, Dean.

Other Interests: I am a hunting enthusiast. My wife and I also raise German Shorthaired Pointers for hunting and conformation.

Resume highlights: I am a veteran of the local RV Industry, beginning in 1993 when I led the show team for nearly a decade at Country Coach. I was a Regional account manager for Monaco for eight years and have served in various roles with Guaranty, Camping World, and Chalet RV.