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by Bradley on May 26, 2011

The RV Resource guide is out today.  I could not be more pleased.  It turned out better than I ever imagined.  I hope that the Membership is equally pleased.  Several people commented that it really showed some of our most interesting and exciting leisure and recreation opportunities in the region.  Many had ideas of places to go and things to do that were not in the guide and I took copious notes for our next edition.  I am posting this editorial from the introduction page to the Guide as an intro for those who had not yet seen one.  But if you have not yet seen one you can go to most members including Travel Lane County, Tribune News, Junction City Chamber, Cottage Grove Chamber, Country Coach, Guaranty, Premier RV Services, Oregon Motor Coach Center, Monaco Premier RV Resort, or River Bend RV Resort.





Dear RV Owner:


The members of the newly formed Oregon RV Alliance(ORVA) would like to welcome you to our home.


What you are holding in your hands is a small miracle.  To those of you who have not yet heard of the Oregon RV Alliance, this may appear to be just an average newspaper or circular.  It is actually a collaborative effort between numerous businesses and public entities working together towards a common goal.  Technically we are a non-profit public/private partnership, whose mission is, to expose RV owners to the benefits of spending their leisure and recreation time here in Oregon.  This RV Resource guide is one way to do that and our web site, come2oregon.com, is another.   Our Summer of Samples promotion is yet another, but more on that later.  It is our mission to reach as many RV owners and enthusiasts as possible, to let them know that we are “The RV Friendly State”.

While the Alliance itself is a novel idea, the miraculous part of all this is that six months ago the Oregon RV Alliance did not exist.  Some even said the RV Industry in this region no longer existed at all.   The “Great Recession” that affected the spending and travel habits of literally millions of RV Owners has affected us here in Oregon, and Lane County in particular, disproportionately.  The RV Industry was the largest employer in Lane County just a few short years ago.  The result of the factories closing have left our unemployment figures high and our recovery slow and have had far reaching impacts to numerous communities throughout the region and the state!  Moreover, without the owners and buyers of the new products created by the factories, coming around, there have been far fewer folks traveling in our region.

What we really want you to know is that the rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, not only are we not dead but we are alive and kicking!  The RV Industry here has begun again, re-inventing itself like it did in the seventies, eighties, nineties and into the new century.  The factories here have been the leaders in innovation and we’ve produced some of the finest RV’s in the world!  For decades the people who lived around here, manufactured and serviced tens of thousands of RV’s.  Many of those companies are still here and others have started over, some new ones have sprung up, but one thing has not changed; the depth and breadth of experience building and servicing RV’s is unparalleled anywhere else in the country.

The Oregon RV Alliance is representative of the perseverance of the people who live here, the pride they hold in their community and the character they have that allows them to give their time and talents to a worthwhile endeavor.  I would like to emphasize to you about the extraordinary effort it takes to create a one of a kind item like the Come2Oregon.com RV Resource Guide you hold in your hands.  All the professionals who volunteered to work through lunches and at night and on the weekends to make all of this happen in a mere six months!  Literally hundreds of hours and expertise given to produce not only these pages, and a web site, but also an organization complete with a Board of Directors and Committees for Marketing, Membership, and Governance.  It is truly a miracle that all these people have joined together to encourage you to spend time here in our home.  We believe we are truly “The RV Friendly State”.

Here in Oregon people are different.  Many come from hardy Pioneer stock.  They have an attachment to the Earth.  We are the original Green State and leaders in the Green Economy.  We are even building greener RV’s now.  We have survived the dismantling of the Timber Industry, and actually used that crisis to create many Parks, Forests and open spaces.  Even with an abundance of Natural Resources per capita, the legislature here went so far as to preserve all 363 miles of Coastline as public property, off limits to private ownership, saving it for future generations.

This RV Resource guide is just a small sample of what we have here to entertain you during your leisure and recreation time.  We think you will find our state and especially our region to be one of the finest destinations in the entire country.  There is more of everything here. More wide-open spaces, more unusual geography, more fresh air and clean water, more country-side, more beaches, more mountains, more nature.  We will be updating our web site weekly in an ongoing effort to expose you to as many of our hidden gems as we can.  We will also be printing more RV Resource Guides featuring more unique and exciting attractions in our area.  The next issue will feature Golf and the Oregon Coast.

We also have some of the most creative and eclectic attractions and celebrations you will find anywhere.  There is the Covered Bridge Festival (Oregon had the most bridges west of the Mississippi), Oregon Country Fair (the most hippies), Wings and Wine Festivals, Barrel Tours, Mining Festivals and Scandinavian Festivals.  Award winning agricultural tourism driving trails and hiking trails abound through diverse terrain that cannot be found anywhere else.   Where else can you be exploring a snow peaked mountaintop in the morning and a sand dune on the beach in the afternoon….all within a short drive of the Willamette valley.  This really is a Paradise we live in and we want to share our love of the region and the state with you, the RV Owner.  We want you to come to our home, to come home to Oregon, for your leisure and recreation time.

It is the mutual belief of our partners and affiliates that if you sample just a few of our favorite leisure activities that you will come back here over and over again to enjoy all the RV lifestyle has to offer right here in Oregon.  We are so sure you will like what we have here, that the Lane County Tourism Council has gone so far as to approve a special $10,000 grant for us to offer you samples of many of our great attractions.  For all the details on how you can WIN FREE TICKETS FOR TOURS AND SAMPLES, see the entry form on the back cover of section C or enter at any of our member businesses to take advantage of our Summer Samples, designed to encourage you to come to Oregon, “The RV Friendly State”.


In summary, I hope you enjoy this first of its kind first edition Come2oregon.com RV Resource Guide.  It is truly a labor of love.  As you read through the pages, I hope you will take note of all of the companies and associations who are represented here and enjoy what they have to offer.  When you visit them thank them for the role they played in producing this one of a kind resource exclusively for RV owners.  I hope to see you at a park or campground this summer or maybe on a winery tour, dune buggy ride or enjoying our covered bridges.  Wherever you go, you will be welcome in “The RV Friendly State” of Oregon.

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Dick Callahan November 18, 2013 at 6:37 pm

I thought I knew a little about RV electrical but your recent article
Electrical Power Management 101
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