Oregon RV Alliance Looks to the Future

by Wendy on August 27, 2015

When we started the Oregon RV Alliance just four years ago, it quickly became apparent that the need for such an organization was even greater than we thought. The positive response from within the RV industry has been overwhelming.

From its very first day ORVA has truly been a team effort. Hundreds of volunteers have offered their input, time or resources and continue to support us when needed. Our small staff and our dozens of members have been working together to build a sustainable organization that could produce a continuous, effective effort to promote our industry and ourselves.

One thing became apparent right away: Oregonians didn’t fully understand the impact or the value of the RV industry to their local economies or to the state economy. RV manufacturing was visibly diminished, but the real gem in Oregon and the long-term value to the community were the support services which RV owners need through the lifetime of their coach or trailer.

An RVer also makes a monthly investment in being a tourist and spends much of their disposable income on leisure and recreation travel. Oregon has an example of every type of terrain on the planet within its borders, and because we are partnered with excellent RV support services, our state remains the single greatest RV destination in the country.

As we look ahead to our fifth anniversary in January, the ORVA staff is busy surveying members and preparing a study to measure the actual impact of RV sales, RV services, park use, travel and leisure throughout the state. We’re just getting started, and this special edition of our Resource Guide is evidence of where we’ve been – and where we plan to go from here.



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